• Gallery of dolls «Fragile dreams»
    The largest collection of masterpieces of the world-famous designer of dolls HILDEGARD GÜNZEL in Europe

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Fragile Dreams
Excursions for you

Gallery of Dolls "Fragile dreams" gives the chance to visit the world of the ideal childhood. The doll is a perfect child itself. It is absolutely fascinating. Dolls by Hildegard Gyuntsel are so unique that look as if they are real. They have shining beautiful faces, intelligent eyes, soft hair. They are dressed in exquisite dresses from expensive fabrics, handmade lace and author's jewelry. They are the type of princesses that each girl dreams to be. It is a must-see to take the children here to make their childhood happier. And also to contribute to their esthetic development. We offer excursions to the world of beauty for adults and children.

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Dreams come true
Fantastic offers

Here it is possible to admire the dream and to see its embodiment. To be honest, we can tell you if you make a wish in our gallery, having whispered it to the most pleasant doll - it is proved: dreams will come true. Also there are"live" bears and paintings, master classes for children and parents. We organize not only excursions, but also holidays, topic conferences, riding in magic carriages and many other things. Welcome to "Fragile Dreams"!

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Souvenirs and gifts
Positive emotions

«Fragile dreams» is a place where it is possible to dive into the world of love and beauty, to remember the dreams and to have a rest for soul. Perhaps, it is difficult to explain the main secret of these dolls only with skill of the designer. It is obvious that these dolls are loved – both by the skilled master, and the owner of Gallery of Dolls, and all visitors. It is impossible to stay indifferent to them! And each of them has the interesting story. At the end of an excursion we show you a short movie about creation of dolls then we offer you to get in our shop for memorable exclusive gifts and souvenirs. Come, take your friends and children! Both people, and dolls are glad to see you here!

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